(Current TP Member count = ~45)

(recruitment open if member count is below 60) currently recruiting

(guild ads must be posted at least 1 hour appart reguardless of realms recruiting)

(recruitment should be done by realm lords and officers only)

(any recruites idle more then 20 days with out notice should be sent a mail inviting them back should they return then kicked)

(jet or fizzy should be informed of all new recruites and any members removed)

(recruiters should make sure to inform the recruitee of the website address and incourage them to review it)

(recruits should be told that if they have a problem seek help from a realm lord to resolve it)

(recruiters should be respectfull of other guilds and should not activly poach members unless said member was responding to a ad)

List Of Recruitmeent Ads

Realm Lords, if you need to kick someone, for inactivity, please mail them this first:

" We are kicking you for inactivity, we need to open seats for moving members/new recruites.
When you show up and resume playing, no hard feelings Just mail a Realm Lord/Officer for an invite,
And we'll be happy to re-invite you. "

Also, go ahead and re-invite them too if you want.